Raven Farm Peonies in Sutton, Alaska

Raven Farm grows beautiful, healthy and pesticide-free peonies.  Being a small farm enables us to spend more time nourishing the soil and ensuring each plant is healthy and insect-free.  We hand weed and mulch each plant using sustainable and natural practices.  By not using harmful chemicals, our farm is rich in native worms, birds, butterflies and moths.

Alaska is the only place to supply fresh-cut commercial peonies in July, August and September.  The combination of climate, long days and our rich soil produces flowers with long hardy stems and large, magnificent, fragrant blooms.

Our peonies are handled gently at harvest to ensure top-quality blooms.

Owners Ruth Olin and Earl Boies met in Alaska in the early 1970s and have made Sutton their home for the last 35 years.  Growing peonies has been their full time endeavor for the last five years.

From our field to you!



Raven Farm Peonies

My Love

Full double pearl white to blush, fragrant.

Mrs. Frank Beach

Double white, very fragrant.  Large perfect rose type flower.

Festiva Maxima

White blooms with flecks of red.  Very fragrant, beautiful paired with red or pink blooms.

Dr. F. G. Brethour

Very large, pure white petals. Very fragrant late bloomer.

Bowl of Cream

This huge creamy white bloom often measures 9 inches in diameter.  Very fragrant late bloomer.

White Sands

Japanese type, white outer petals with yellow center, fragrant.  One of my favorites.

Border Charm

Large single yellow bloom.


Alternating layers of candy pink and cream, very fragrant. Mid season.

Sarah Bernhardt

Large double pink bloom, fragrant.  Late bloomer.

Gay Paree

Japanese type, outer petals are purple pink with pink and white centers. Early.

Felix Crousse

Double raspberry color, very fragrant.

Edulis Superba

Double pink and very fragrant.  Mid season.

Coral Charm

Semi double, large coral bloom the fades to a softer color as it opens. Mid season.

Victoria a la Marne

Double, large purple deep red bloom. Mid season.

Karl Rosenfield

Double, brilliant cherry red with loose semi rose form.

Big Ben

Double deep red, very fragrant.

Adolphe Rousseau

Large double red bloom.

How to Care for your Peonies

Immediately open your box. If there are any problems, please take pictures and contact us.  We guarantee our product and will resolve the problem.

We harvest in the bud stage to lengthen the life of the bud, allowing you to decide when they open. After putting them in a warm location, your buds will open within 24 to 36 hours.

Decide if you want your peonies to open quickly or if you want to hold them for your event.  Prepare clean vases and use cool water to hold your buds or have them open slowly.  Use warm water to have your buds open quickly.  We recommend you use flora preservative in your water to extend the life of the bloom.

Cut off approximately ½ inch of stem and place immediately in the prepared vases.  If you are extending the opening, place in a cool location, even a refrigerator.  Pull out 24 to 36 hours before you want them to open.  Put in a warm location for quick opening.  Don’t put in a hot location or in the direct sun as that will  shorten the bloom life.

Change water every day and keep the vases clean.

Remember that the blooms will get very large, so leave room in your bouquet for them to open.  A combination of the blooms in different stages and even the buds make very beautiful arrangements.  So think about having them open at different stages.  That will also extend the pleasure you receive from you blooms.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if there is anything that we can help with. Thank you for choosing us for your special occasion.

Peony Roots

We are now offering peony roots.  ALASKA GROWN.  Get your order in now for fall planting.  Available in 3 to 5 eyes and 9 to 13 eyes.

Wholesale prices are available. Call for pricing.

White Sands Roots

Japanese type, white outer petals with yellow center, fragrant.  One of my favorites.

Gay Paree Roots

Japanese type, outer petals are purple pink with pink and white centers. Early.

Victoria a la Marne Roots

Double, large purple deep red bloom. Mid season.

Felix Crousse Roots

Double raspberry color, very fragrant.

Felix Supreme Roots

Large, double ruby red.

Unknown Red

Multiple varieties.

Shipping Information

Please call for shipping prices as they are subject to change.

We will be shipping with Fed Ex. Your peonies will arrive within 24 hours.  You will be provided with a tracking number.    Please contact Fed Ex with the arrival time. Arrange to have someone available to pick up the peonies as soon as they arrive, as they will be arriving in the heat of the summer.  If your peonies are left outside in the heat, we cannot be held responsible.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 203, Sutton, AK.  99674  ~  (907) 745-4625  ~  ravenfarm@mtaonline.net